Residential phone service

The best residential VOIP phone service with Hélo your phone service will never be the same again! Talk with three friends at the same time, transfer your mom to your voice mail, play some music while your childhood friend is on hold, get some news from uncle Tony in Florida: it’s possible, simple, and easy. You can even keep the same phone number!

With great packages like those offered by Hélo, you only need your best gossip to talk all night !

téléphone résidentiel

Chat more. And pay less.

We’re not saying we’ll make you rich, but who doesn’t like saving money with no effort ? Choosing Hélo means getting a lot for your money.

With a ton of included features, free calls everywhere in North America, fast and friendly installation, Québec-based customer service available 24/7, it’s simple: just pick up and say Hélo !

ligne de téléphone fixe à maison

Our residential phone packages

  • Personal 13.95 $ (CAD) +t. PAR MOIS

    e911 Emergency

    Unlimited Canada* & USA** calls

    Call Display

    Voice mail and email forwarding

    Call Waiting

    Three-Way Calling

    International call blocking

    24/7 customer service

    Je m’abonne
  • Independent worker 22.95 $ (CAD) +t. PAR MOIS

    In addition to the personal package, you get:

    Group Ringing

    Find Me

    Call queue

    On-Hold Music

    Digital receptionist

    Online account management

    Je m’abonne
Set-up fees 65$


The Hélo team can take care of installation for you (50km travel). For a one time $95 fee, we will configure the adaptor with your Internet, transfer your phone number, and our technician will take the time to explain how your service works.*

Useful features

Hélo offers a plethora of very useful, very handy, or simply very pleasant features. This is what we call being well-equipped.



  • Helo function 911 e911 Emergency
    Compliant with CRTC and FCC safety regulations. Improved 911 Service
  • Helo function appels Canada & USA Canada & USA Calls
    Call anywhere in Canada* and the USA** at no additional cost.
  • Helo function Call Display Call Display
    Avoid surprises ! Identify all incoming calls.
  • Helo function voice mail Voice Mail
    Configure different messages for different extensions.
  • Helo function Call Waiting Call Waiting
    Take the call, transfer it to voice mail, play some on-hold music, or play the busy signal.
  • Helo function Three-Way Calling Three-Way Calling
    Easily add a third person to your call.
  • Helo function Find Me Find Me
    Take a call from your main phone or transfer it to any of five configured destinations.
  • Helo function group Ringing Group Ringing
    Calls ring on more than one extension or on other phone numbers at the same time.
  • Helo fonction Calling Queue Call Queue
    Personalize your voice messages, broadcast commercials, or play music.
  • Helo function International Calls International Calls
    Activate or deactivate the international calling option for specific regions.
  • Helo function music On-Hold On-Hold Music
    Choose from music genres or different beeps.
  • Hélo Interactive voice responds Digital receptionist
    Your calls will be answered automatically and processed according to the selection made by your client.

A very simple installation

You only need to connect 3 cables and you are all set to make your first call.*

Helo - branchement
  • Prise de votre téléphone
    Étape 1 :
    Connect your phone to the Hélo device
  • LAN
    Étape 2 :
    Connect your Hélo device in the LAN port of your router
  • Prise de courant
    Étape 3 :
    Connect your Hélo device to a power outlet.

interurbain par cher

Whether for international calls or to chat with your family in Florida, with Hélo, you can call at any time of day anywhere in North America without worrying about extra charges. Saying hello to Hélo, it’s also all this !

Situation avec le Covid -19

Hélo Voix et Communications follow the situation regarding COVID-19 closely and we have put in place measures to protect the health and safety of the public and team members.
The equipment is prepared in a sanitary environment and is disinfected before dispatch by priority courier. This way we can continue to serve any new customer safely during the containment period. For this period we have suspended the installations on site by our technicians and no longer offer the possibility of picking up your device from our offices.
We will notify our customers of any updates as the situation evolves.

You have questions? Just say Hélo!