Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Is it possible to keep my actual phone number?
    Yes, Hélo can organize the transfer of your actual phone number toward our service, we take care of everything for you.
  • How can I access the voice mail system?
    Option (1) – Listen to first new / old message available
    Option (4) – Listen the preceding message
    Option (5) – Repeat the message
    Option (6) – Listen to next message
    Option (7) – Delete current message, without confirmation

    Option (0) – Manage your welcome message, your name and password
    1 – Message not available
    2 – Message busy
    3 – Your name
    4 – Temporary message
    5 – Change your password
    * - Back to preceeding menu

    Option (2) – Change file. This option allows to change file so you can listen to message stored
    0 – New messages
    1 – Old messages
    2 – Work
    3 – Family
    4 – Friends
    # - cancel
  • How to use conference?
    To realize a conference with 3 people with your Hélo house phone follow theses steps :

    a) dial the first number, inform the person you will add a 3rd person
    b) Press « flash » on the phone and you should hear dial tone
    c) Dial the second number, inform when person answer that will join a conference
    d) press « flash » again to join the 2 calls

    You now just have to share the latest news!

    The « flash » button may be different from a phone to another, if not identified on your phone try with the « talk » button, on old phones it the button to end call, need only to press 1 second
  • How to use call waiting function?
    Press « flash » on uyour phone to answer a second incoming call, you can use « flash » button to transfer between calls.
    The « flash » button may be different from a phone to another, if not identified on your phone try with the « talk » button, on old phones it the button to end call, need only to press 1 second
  • Why to keep your house phone?
    911 – When you place a 911 call, emergency service will go at the billing adress of the line where the call is issued. When call come from a cellular phone emergency service use Geo location to get to the site but Geo location can’t identify the precise location if your in a large building such as condo or appartments tower. If you generate the call from your cell phone and its linked thru WiFi emergency service will go to the address stored on your cell phone, which might not be the right adress if you are placing a call not from you house or usual place of living.

    We teach our kids to place 911 calls in case of emergency which is a good thing but with a cell phone it may get tricky.

    With Hélo even though its voice over IP we program your house adress so if you call 911 services will get to the right location. For further information please consult the FAQ section on 911/e911.

    Handset availability – In your house its current that if you receive a call on your cell phon eyou may not be beside it and have to chase the phone. With Hélo all your house phone will ring so you are close to your incoming calls.

    Friends & Family – If you have young kids most probably theses don’t have cell phone yet so they will have issues reaching each others. With a hous phone they can easily reach each others.

    Babbysitting – If you get babysitters at home they may not have cell phone so you will be happy they have access to a phone in case of emergency or if you want to simply verify if everything is ok.
  • What is the delivery policy?
    Delivery delay may vary upon product availability, the region and delay in transfering a phone number and equipment programming. For a new phone number please allow 4 to 5 working days, in the case of transfering an actual phone number please allow the basic 4-5 days plus 3 to 5 days to get the number transfered which lead to a 7 to 10 days. Hélo Voix et Communications cannot be hold responsible of non respect of theses delays because the are under responsability of our sub-contractors. We may have additionnal delays if your actual phone provider hold back the transfer of the number. We use Canada post for delivery and additionnal delays might occurs because of weather or similar conditions. Please be assure Hélo will do its best to get service online at your house the fastest possible way.

    We only deliver in Canada for the moment. Some Quebec regions are excluded like up north.
    Delivery fees

    Delivery fees are included in the installation fees. When equipment is defective the policy is as follow :

    - First 90 days delivery fees are paided by Hélo
    - After 90 days delivery fees are under customer responsability

    At any time Hélo can modify delivery pricing, most specially if provider Canada Post modify pricng.
  • What is the re-imbursment policy?
    Hélo warranty at theres customers that the service will function as advertised but customer can ask for refund wich works as follow :

    If a customer want to stop using Hélo service for whatever reason, Hélo will proceed with re-imbursment of any amount paid in advance. Hélo will not reimburse delivery/installation fees.
  • Which 911 service is included in my subscription?
    Present general conditions apply to our service, please take note of conditions of dialing 911 number from your Hélo service.

    Hélo allow to its customers to place and receive calls from customer Internet service provider. Ususally voice over IP (VoIP) have certians restrictions versus fix telephony services. By acceeding and using Hélo services the customer aggrees that there is difference between traditionnal phone service et phone service over IP (VoIP), more specially 911 service.

    Because of CRTC ruling, all customers using VoIP service such as Hélo service must supply to Hélo the physical address where the service is activated in order for Hélo to do proper programmation amd make sure in case of 911 calls that services get to the right location. Its the responsability of the customer to provide to Hélo new adress in the case of moving.

    By theses general conditions, the customer agrees to follow the rules and understand that Hélo will assume no responsability in case of not respecting the rules or to provide wrong informations.

    Part of the 911 service that supply informations to your CASP local in not garanteed, it is possible your physical location is not supplied to the PSAP dispatcher. In theses cases you need to provide to the dispatcher your actual location to make sure to receive assistance, Hélo will not be hold responsible in theses cases.

    Because the potential quality of your Internet service provider Hélo cannot garantee that your 911 call wil work. Many situations such as lost of power, internet access can make 911 call unfunctionnals. Hélo has no control over theses situations and therefore cannot be held responsible. Hélo will do all possible to make sure services stays functionnal.

    Hélo make available a number for it customer to validate address sent under a 911 call. We highly recommand once your service is installed that you verify proper addres of your location of the service. You can verify by using following number, 1-555-555-0911

    By using 911 service from Hélo, the customer agrees that all sub-contractors, employees, agents, managers, providers and all other persons associated to Hélo are not responsable of ahievment the of the 911 calls, even if its under Hélo responsability or its associates, customer make Hélo not responsible of any lost or damages. The customer agrees to inform all users of their phone of the limitations of the 911 service and that they can’t hold Hélo responsible.
  • How to add my number on unwanted marketing list?
    You can choose not to receive marketing calls by adding your number on the national list of excluded numbers ( LNNTE). If your line is not assigned to a business you are considered as regular consumer in regards of the CRTC rules for the list.

    Adding your number to the list :

  • What are dial codes?
    To dial country outside Canada or United States please use theses codes :

    011 + country code + number:international
    00 + country code + number:international

    411 : whites pages, fee of 1,50 $per call
    511 : Informations on weather forecast
    811 : Health services, Canada, no emergency
    911 : Urgency services

    Test and verification

    4443 (sound quality test) You can use this code to verify the quality of the line

    4747 (DTMF test) This test can verify that DTMF tones works correctly

    E911 Validation

    To verify that 911 service is activated for your phone number please dial 1-555-555-0991. This is not validating that address is corret, to validat address you need to communicate with Hélo.